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     Wait Not Yet is a misnomer. We all have big dreams but rarely do we give ourselves permission to reach for them.  Wait Not Yet is meant to symbolize that moment of hesitation right before you do something significant. We get stuck in that moment and more often than not we give ourself an excuse to take a step back instead of a leap forward. Wait Not Yet is about taking the leap.

     We were founded by Noah Armstrong and Wisdom Williford two long time friends with a love for creative expression and going against the grain. It’s our dream to help you reach for your dreams. At Wait Not Yet we’re all about doing, it’s our passion to help folks actualize their ideas.

     Websites are a cornerstone of modern business and networking. Building a website, graphic design, social media management these are daunting and time consuming tasks. We’re here to help.

Wait, not yet colorado web design company logo
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Wait Not Yet: The Team


     We’re a locally owned and operated website design and hosting business in southern Colorado. Founded by childhood friends Noah Armstrong and Wisdom Williford. We help individuals and small businesses to build websites of all sorts, big and small. 

     At Wait Not Yet we never pass the buck. We walk clients through the entire process from beginning to end. Even if you have no idea what you want or how to do it, we can guide you. We specialize in website design, graphic design, and social media management. (we can even code custom website attributes)

     Noah is a communication and digital media graduate from the University of Colorado, Colorado Springs. With years of experience and a passion for both design and people Noah wanted to create his own landscape to make dreams a reality. Noah is your local go to for anything Website design, Graphic Design, and Social Media throughout Pueblo, Canyon City, Colorado Springs, Rye, and Walsenburg. 

     Wisdom is a self made man. Since he was a child he’s had a passion for computers. Wisdom doesn’t just build websites but computers too. The very equipment that he uses to bring your ideas to life, he built with his own hands. Raised by a website designer, Wisdom was born and bread for this line of work. He’s you go to for Denver, Boulder, Fort Collins, and Castle Rock. Wisdom is your resource for all things website design, graphic design, and social media management.

     Wondering what you’re in for? Well, we start every project with a free consultation where we get to know you and your ideas. As well we introduce ourselves and our work which can also be seen in our portfolio. From there we start with a proposal and a quote, then continue on to build you a website. We work closely with you through every step to revise the design to fit your specific needs and wants. (Wondering about price? Check that out here.)

     Once a website is finished we don’t stop there. We host your website on our servers and help maintain it for its life with our company. If you need a social media presence we handle that as well. 

     Working with us means always knowing who you’re working with. Any issue, any time  can be resolved by reaching out to us, the owners and operators, to personally handle your concerns. Our mission is to make stunning, visually appealing designs, and effective websites available to every client. We don’t ever pass you off to anyone else.

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